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Synthetique Industries

Helping humanity defend itself since 2181.

Xeno Base

Small Xeno bases can be difficult to locate and even harder to strike against. Synthetique Industries drones can help you locate your target while our laser technologies can help you light it up.

Orbital Bombardment

Wuiber class orbital bombardment platforms make short work of Xenomorph bases without risking human lives.

Bring the Light

Using ground spotters, you can hit targets ordinarily masked by atmospheric sensor interference using the Prometheus orbital laser cannons.

On the Hunt

A Nieves class one-pilot fighter is escorted by RM-Olga gunships as it navigates difficult terrain en route to an attack on a Xenos base.

Lost Your Way?

Between a thick atmosphere and the heavy metals found in the mountain ranges of Desiral IV, traditional geomatic sensors are rendered useless. Let Synthetique Industries technologies help you find your way.


The MBS-1 drone package is easily customisable to fit any role.

Synthetique Industries is the leading manufacturer and supplier of laser, drone and starship technologies for the Terran Empire. Our designs are used on thousands of ships throughout the fleet and we are always innovating new and exciting ways to help the Empire defend itself against the growing threat of Xenos incursions into human space.

Bringing the Light

You will find Synthetique Industries technology being used in lasers ranging from the smallest microlaser surgical suites up to the massiveĀ Prometheus orbital bombardment cannon!



The MBS-1 Drone series is fully automated and outfitted to carry out a variety of tasks, which keeps Imperial personnel out of harm's way.


Sailing the Galaxy

From the small one-pilotĀ Nieves class fighter to the majesticĀ Wuiber class bombardment platforms, whatever your ship needs may be, Synthetique Industries has you covered!


Protecting the Empire

Where ever the safety and freedom of humanity is in peril, Synthetique Industries is there to protect you and your family.

03rd Feb 2014

Welcome to Synthetique Industries

Synthetique Industries is the current umbrella name for the video and 3D animation work of Drayke Larson. I was taking a visual FX class for film work in late 2013...