Welcome to Synthetique Industries

Synthetique Industries is the current umbrella name for the video and 3D animation work of Drayke Larson. I was taking a visual FX class for film work in late 2013 when I was given an assignment to create a short commercial for a product, whether real or imaginary. Many students decided that they would create a video based around a real product with simple footage that followed standard commercial styles, such as a marathon runner advertising an energy drink. I decided to challenge myself to do more, because I wanted to create a science fiction-themed company that didn’t exist.


In two weeks, I completely taught myself how to find, use and animate 3D models. My primary software suites were After Effects CC (which I had some experience in) and Cinema 4D (which I didn’t know at all). Looking at the Synthetique Industries v.1 commercial, it’s obvious that I was still very new to 3D animation as well as lacking in the resources to properly render out the kind of quality imagery that I would have liked. Synthetique Industries v.2┬áhas a bit more polish, but is still lacking when it comes to things like transitions and I would have preferred to have more live-action footage but again, time was short in order to get v.2 done in order to have it be part of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College spring showcase. My hope is to eventually render out a new version of the video that reflects more of the vision I originally had when pre-composing the commercial to begin with as well as showcasing what I can do in the realm of 3D animation.

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