I am a professional photographer by trade who is still very new to video and 3D animation work. You might have heard of my work under a slightly different name, PhotoSynthetique. This refers primarily to my portrait, cosplay and fashion work, but much of my art in different genres is often presented under that umbrella. While this is the official PhotoSynthetique page, the best place to find updates on my work is to hit my Facebook page.

port15-2-DLW_3456-Edit2012 port15-2-IM1724062012 Image by Drayke Larson
My wedding photography can sometimes be found on that Facebook page, but if you’re looking for more details on how I could shoot your special day, feel free to check out the Drayke Larson Weddings website.




If you have any questions for me about my photography, video, or audio work, please feel free to drop me a line at my email address ( or fill out the form below!