If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve either seen one of my videos under the moniker “Synthetique Industries” or you’ve simply googled “Drayke Larson” and ended up here. Whatever brings you here, welcome!

gearroomplusmeMy name is Drayke Larson and I’m a professional photographer/videographer/graphic artist/teacher/student/techpriest and aspiring director/3D Animator/Sound Engineer/Video Editor/VFX Designer in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Synthetique Industries is where I drop my 3D and video work. Animation is still really new to me, I only began learning how to work with 3D models a short while ago so it is something that is still evolving. As of right now, all models found on this page were not created by me, nearly all were found available free for non-commercial use on TF3DM (an incredibly awesome resource for the beginner 3D animator!), but I’m hoping to begin adding my own original creations soon!

If you have any questions as to how I could possibly help with your projects in film, art, photography or you have need of a portrait or wedding photographer, please feel free to shoot me an email: drayke@photosynthetique.com or fill out the contact form below!